Lund Wedding

The Lunds | Wedding Photos

Jessica and Casey had the kind of love that is just drenched in comfortability and ease. They are so themselves around each other, and it is such a refreshing thing to see. All day, Jessica couldn’t stop talking about how she would feel so calm when she finally got to see his face.

They got married at Long Hollow Gardens, and it was one of my favorite venues ever! There were such sweet details, amazing design in the bridal cottage, and the reception was in the raddest greenhouse. 10/10 would recommend if you’re still looking for a Nashville venue!

Their reception was the absolute best. Everyone had so much fun celebrating, as you can definitely tell in the photos! The sweetest moment was when Jessica’s grandmother lined up for the bouquet toss and caught it!! Then her daughter (Jessica’s mom) spun her around and danced with her in her wheelchair while they had the time of their lives. There were actual tears behind my camera!