The Cutshaws | Elopement Photos

Summer and Braden planned a perfect elopement on top of Max Patch Mountain—and yes, it was the rain that made it absolutely perfect. It started to sprinkle while all of the guests hiked to the top, and by the time they were there the fog had stolen every single view and the thunder was mildly freaking us all out. But guys. This couple was not phased, and we loved that about them. Summer and her dad hiked up behind everyone else, and when her groom first saw her might have been my favorite part of the entire day.

We stood under umbrellas trying to balance them with our cameras during their ceremony, all while getting pounded by wind and covered in rain while ALSO trying to wipe the tears from our eyes because these two are SO precious. It was gorgeous and freezing and difficult and amazing in every way.

And then, on top of all of that goodness, the mountains decided to show up through the fog and Summer and Braden got to frolic though the grass and celebrate the magic of everything that had just happened. The magic of their brand new union.