The Schuberts | Wedding Photos

This day was wonderful for too many reasons. When Jessie asked Blake and I to document something so important, I almost cried! We've known Jessie for years, and I'm absolutely not kidding when I say that she is so loving, bubbly, and just downright fun to be around. And Ethan is perfect for her. We could tell the moment we met him that he had such a kind soul.

Their entire family is exactly the same way, too, so we were surrounded by such an encouraging and supportive group. all. day. long.  PLUS Jessie and her family pretty much put the entire wedding together themselves! Their friend owned the venue, her mom and bridal party made all of the floral arrangements, her aunt did her makeup, she did her own hair, her mom made the cakes, her grandpa married them. And guys. She found her bridesmaids dresses on Amazon (that doesn't technically involve the family, but still)! 

But here's the thing. I can't possibly pick one favorite part of such an incredible day. Selfishly, I was STOKED that we got to see old friends from college, which is always the best. But there were so many little details that made my sentimental heart all mushy. In the photos below, there's a picture of Jessie's mom putting a pearl bracelet on her wrist-- the same one her mom wore on her own wedding day. Uhm, my heart melted. And Jessie's brothers were her men of honor. It was literally the sweetest thing to see the way they love their sister. But they also had tables with pictures of relatives and handwritten notes about what love means to their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. I could not handle it. Then they had guests write notes for them to open on specific anniversaries, and I can't even imagine the emotions they'll experience reading words from their wedding day 50 years later! ACTUAL TEARS.

There was just so much intentionality in everything about Jessie and Ethan's day. It was beautiful and real, just like their love. And it was such an honor to be a part of all of it.