Backyard Wedding

The Sloans | Wedding Photos

Emma and Jackson got married on the most beautiful day in the middle of May, which is exceptionally special because they were supposed to get married on June 3. They fell into some unforeseen circumstances, and had to change absolutely everything about their wedding just a few weeks before it happened. We were so thankful that we were able to move our schedule around to be there with them after their date changed!

They were wed in Emma's  grandmother's backyard, and truthfully, it couldn't have ended up being any more perfect. All of their friends and family were so supportive and came through to pull off their wedding in so much loyalty and love. The feelings in the air were almost tangible, and everyone was especially emotional because the very next day, Emma and Jackson would be leaving their small hometown to move across the country.

They started their journey as the Sloans with the most beautiful backyard wedding full of love, laughter, tears, and the most supportive tribe. It was perfect.